Final Product
Supplies - Yarn - Hook
Knit 120 chain.
Then the 2 chain of rise . 2 chain . double crochet. 2 chain double crochet.
Use this scheme.
Like the image shown.
Next row: 6 loops intended for leaves. then knit: 2 chain, single crochet. 2 chain, single crochet. 2 chain, single crochet.
Knit flower petals
For the petals of a different color
This is the scheme for the petal.
Knit up the leaves.
This is the leaves scheme.
Continue to crochet.
Leaf ready.
6 leaves and knitting ready.
Attach the elements together.
Curl and attach the needle with the wrong side.
Crochet a Decorative Water Lily (step by step + written pattern) by Evgeniya