crochet trimmings with flowers

Pattern : Starting this project usin two defferent colors of the  same yarn.
Start making *3 chain  ,do 2 dc (double crochet in the stitch), 2 chain and dc again in the stitch.
always , when we finish the series with [2 ch & dc] start making five chain ,than make 3dc in the stitch.
Turn back and work 3 chain ( a series starts with 5 chain & other series 3 chain, this exchange. is being held for the entire green color).
Follows 2 dc ( 3 in total ) in the stitch , 2chain -dc*.
This process is repeated as many times as needed for the length of your creation.
After our reqired length of the creation , changing color and begin to red or whaterverwe want  .
We pass the red thread ...carefully to see how video  *5 chain and slip stitch,repeat twice,then do 2 chain and  slst the next union, again 2ch  and  slst the next union*repeat this process as many times as it corresponds to the plan that we have made over the green.

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