3D crochet flower with rolled leaves No 18

Pattern : This plan will need two colors ... 
start wrapping the thread around the finger thus making the magic ring.
1 row -  we work 17 sc (single crochet).
2 row - we start with 3 chain ,the next sc work* 2 dc in the st ( 2 double crochet in the stitch),the next sc 1dc *repeat this process until the end of the series...namely  *2dc in st - 1dc in the next sc *.
3 row  - *22 chain  ,skip 1dc and sc in the next * repeat this process until the end of the series.
4-5-6-7-8 rows -  the first sheet of our flower we work* 11sc-2ch -11sc* repeat the same procedure for all cards of our flower. We can keep the flower so to seperate .the sheets with one another  we ca unite with the below video process . 

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