MC Author:  Julia Grandma
Yarn "Children novelty" "Pehorsky textiles", consists of 100% acrylic high volume (50g / 200m). Hook 3.5 and 2 (for binding at the end)
1st row: recruit 42v.p.
We connect, 3v.p lifting Art s / n in the same loop , * 2 tbsp s / n on the third loop, 1v.p * repeat to end

crochet  another 4 of the same Article s / n, 1v.p, tied second item s / n five st s / n (the second half of the scales)
 3rd row: 3v.p lifting * 2st s / n in the middle of the scales, 1v.p, 2st s / n between the scales, 1v.p * to end. At the end of the three ce lift  item s / n . the transition to the fourth series of seaming loops 4 row knit the second, just looking to top that scale was between the lower scales
 knit so about nine rows of scales (18P) .
 For finger 8v.p recruit and connect with a number as in the photo
 19-22 series: 3v.p rise and continue knitting in the front row. Knit another two rows of scales
23 row: knit st w / n, uniformly subtracting 2n (42-2 = 40P)
24 row: knit st s / n, ravnomeno diminish 4n (40-4 = 36p)
Knit another 4 rows st s / n, cut the thread.We share the front and back markers (for 18P).
Ears: 1ryad knit from the wrong side forehand mitts. Retreat from the edge of the three loops and knit by the scheme 1
Overturn knitting and knit by the scheme 2
Then I went on a hook 2 and knit by the scheme 3 . Behind also tied lobster step
Eyes and beak
Thanks to all who have had the patience to watch until the end)))))))))) I hope it is useful) . source