knitting longsleeve blouse

 Size: 36/38.
You will need:  600 g of yarn type "Laguna" LANG YARNS from beige Fb 0026 (80% viscose, 20% silk, 77 m / 50 g); direct and circular needles №4,5.
Lace pattern: Number of loops multiply 16 + 1 + 2 chrome. P.
Knit according to a scheme which shows the individual. and PHI. R.
Start with chrome. n. and loops before rapport, then continually repeat rapport finish loops after rapport and chrome. P.
Repeat with the 1st to the 24th district.
Openwork pattern: Number of loops multiple of 4 + 1.
Lic. p .: * 1 PHI. n. 1 nakida, 1 double broach (= remove the 2 n. together as individuals., 1 individuals. n. and stretch it through the loop removed), 1 nakida, repeat from * to end 1 PHI. P.
The PHI. loop knit rows in pattern, nakida - PHI.
Density knitting: lace pattern: 17 p and 20 p.. = 10 x 10 cm; openwork pattern with interlacing: . 49 n = 18 cm.
Note:  Model droops slightly when worn. knitting density measured in supine position.
Back: Dial 83 n. And knit lace pattern.
For bevel shoulder through 56 cm = 112 p. from the set on both sides close to claim 1 x is 5. 2 and each p-m. close 3 x 5 p.
After 60 cm = 120 p. on the set to close the remaining 43 n., with the average 33 para. form neckline, external 5 para. refer to the shoulders.
Before: Dial 101 p. And knit in the trail. distribution: chrome, 25 p lace pattern, at the same time start with loops before rapport, knit 1 x rapport, do the following while the latter decrease... follows:
In individuals. R. instead of 3 persons. n. proheavy together to perform only 1 broach, in PHI. R. instead of 3 PHI. p. knit together proheavy only 2 p. with PHI. crossed., the middle of the 49 n. openwork pattern, then 25, n. lace pattern, with the start to the last paragraph. before rapport here, as described above, to perform only simple subtraction, 1 x rapport finish loops after rapport and 1 chrome.
After 12 cm = 24 p. from the set on the middle loop openwork pattern (= PHI. n.) vyvyazat 1 individuals. 1 and PHI. n. (= chrome.), the work split between the loop and the two sides of 12 cm = 24 p. n is 51 to continue. separately in accordance with a pattern.
To weave in persons. R. loop knit lace pattern of the 1st half and set aside 25 para. openwork pattern on the aux. spoke before work, then knit 25 para. 2 nd half openwork pattern.
Then knit ext. 23 on a number of 51 n. In accordance with a pattern, after which the hinge postponed.
On the remaining loops openwork pattern and the 2nd half lace pattern and knit 24 p.
After 36 cm = 72 p. perform a set of 2nd interlacing as the first.
Then the two front sides finish separately first and knit 51 p. Left shoulder when worn in accordance with the pattern.
For bevel neck through 44 cm = 88 p. subtract 1 from a set of n., then 9 x alternately in each 4-m and 2-m p. 1 p., for this last 2 sts. lace pattern knit together persons. - If necessary, according to the scheme - fitting nakida not perform.
Simultaneously for bevel shoulder from the right edge to the backrest height to close the 1 x 6 p., Then every 2-m p. 3 x 6 p. And 1 x 7 n., And for the back of the neck strap to the remaining 10 n. 10 cm knit even an openwork pattern, and then close the loop.
The right shoulder when worn are symmetrical, and the subtraction of the first neckline 2 sts knit lace pattern as a broach = if necessary - the adjacent nakida not do.. [Cut is]
Sleeve: Dial 67 n. And knit lace pattern. After 42 cm = 84 p. on the set of loops close.
Building details: Run the shoulder seams. Run back seam strips and sew strap to the back neckline. Sew sleeves according to the pattern. Run the side seams and joints bags.
Driving and Pattern : Model of the German magazine Sabrina