Cute slippers with flower as decoration.
Size: 36 (37-38 size insole)
materials: yarn Linha Camila Fashion (100% cotton, 100 g / 500 m), a little yarn "grass" and a yarn with metallic thread to finish, hook number 2, insoles. Thick needle or awl to make holes on the insoles, departing 1 cm from the edge -. a total of 48 pieces (preferably - more).  In each of the holes run along the 2 sc = 96 sc. holes and tying  the second row knit CLO in each column, at the same time add 18 columns on the front of the soles = 114 PRS.
The following 5 rows knit * 1 SSN on the front arch of the loop 1 SNG for the rear arch loop, repeating from *.  in the next (7th) row start to form fingers upper hand, why knit 3 CCH on the toe together (3 unfinished CCH linked together). Repeat these  to 12 th series of work.  tie the top of the slipper yarn "grass" (the 1st sc in each loop). Link second slipper the same way. Flower (2 pieces): knit scheme .