Crochet Doily multicolours

Supplies: 5 g of each cord blue and yellow-green, No. 30. Steel hook No. 22.
Dimensions: 22 cm in diameter. 3   Sample: 1 row of dc. = 0.5 cm.
A -- 1st round: Make chain of 5 st. Blue, add another 5 ch, on the c. 5 m. Repeating 2 times 1 br., I ch, and 1 br. 2nd round: Make 5 ch, turn the work, make 1 dc. each of 5 st the previous row. From 3rd to 144th row: Make repeating the same work 1st and 2nd rows. Having worked the 5th row to 2 ch, attach the two rear arches 1 sc, 2 ch, so by make referring to the drawings. Assemble at the end of the row with the row from the beginning.
B. -- Make yellow-green. Make the same way that the strip A. Before assembling the beginning and end of band B band pass alternately above and below the sketch.
Central strip. Depending on the design trav. 32 rows in white. Assemble the end with the beginning of round. Attach the wire inside the band, and repeat 2 double br. tog., 3 ch. Filling space between bands A and B Make Referring to the drawing in (a) with the white wire. Skip a hook in two arches of the band A and B where the bands are crossed as well as 20th , 33rd and 21st and 142nd rows to stabilize the structure . Band around the perimeter Trav. 128 rows with the white wire. Assemble the end of the row with the first row by sc.
   Border: Make 1round border all around.Explanation

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