working with plastic bottle

Safety - work in a ventilated area, we protect your fingers from burns. To aster looked more spectacular, better to pick plastic bottle of different types. Two or three colors, translucent and not transparent. In this master class used plastic from "Lenore" conditioner, lemonade «Red grass», beer "Barley ear." 1 .Cut into squares plastic 3-3.5 cm. 2. Cut out the squares circles.
3. Cut each workpiece into 12 parts, not leading to the middle of about 7 mm.4.Obrabotayte billet hot air, bringing each petal at a distance of 2-5 cm from the flame. Important! Treat need it over the flame to avoid soot preform.
5. asters require 4-5 layers, the closer to the center of the workpiece, the greater the need to bend the pitch. Make a flower.6. Heat the awl over the fire, on a piece of linoleum or eraser make a hole in the workpiece.
7. Take the pin. Put a bead.8. Pass it through the workpiece so that the bead was in the heart of the flower.
9. Round-pin bend at 45 degrees.10. Close the pin Round. You will loop.
11. Astra is ready. Now it can be attached to rezinochke or hairpin.