How to make puff irish crochet 2d flowers

Row 1 -  make 6 chains and a slipstitich into a first one, making a circle
Row 2 -  make 3 chains and 11 triple crochet, making 12 stitches in total. slipstitch into a third chain. If you make a multi-colored flower, change yarn to appropriate color
Row 3 -  Make 3 chains , Make a fisrt puff stitch into a second chain from a hook. Make a yarnover and pull the stitch from a stitch, repeat 3 times. Make the same into a third chain from a hook We have now 2 puff stitches and a first chain  du a yarnover and pull the thread through all the stitches on a hook. then 1 sls into a stitch of a previous row. we made a first knobble.
 repeat 11 times .... but making a total of 12 knots
 here another color
Turn the work to the back side and nake 12 loops for the petals: make 2-3 chains (this number depends on your gauge, if your chains are loose, make 2, if too tight, make 3) and a wrapping dc. you can check, how its made on following lesson Crocheted irish rose  
Make 5 chains for the first petal and 5 double treble stitches. Do not finish them off, you now must have 6 stitches on a hook. 
 Crochet all 6 stitches together, pake a 3 chain picot on top of a petal. do 4 chains and a dc into a base loop. Make the rest of a petals, but now do 4 chains instead of 5. With the last one make a slipstitch into a first chain of the first petal
Finish the work by cutting the thread and fix the thread inside the work, sewing in into the base of the petals as a padding cord. More info can be found here Fixing a thread

final results