crochet dress for dolls -- photo tutorial & free pattern ( part 1)

 The lesson consists of two parts. The first part describes the bodice knitting process. Immediately say, that description is targeted at those who are able to hold the hook in his hand and read circuits, ie detailed photos provyazyvaniya aerial loops and bars with nakida I did not. In one of the magazines on knitting I saw such a scheme and decided to adopt it for the doll clothes.
 For work I needed a thread for knitting and hooks in two sizes. Yarn, cotton, thin. On the title photo shows sarafan related pehorskoy of cotton yarn lace Color. In the description of the thread used Canaris (Canarias YarnArt). Hooks size 1.0 and 1.2-1.3. Next, write why the two sizes used.
 Chart pattern should be recalculated based on the size of our sarafanchik. Plans for a specific doll I made earlier prototyping method using masking tape, pencil, scissors and paper. How to create patterns in such a way can be found on the internet and also here at the Fair of the Masters.  This, bound sample, put it to the pattern and count the number of loops.
 Explanations to the scheme:
1. Here, the basic elements - air loops and bars with nakida.
2. The diagram shown ubavki for armhole and shoulder provyazyvaniya elements. When vyvyazyvanii figure also use the scheme, which is shown above.
3. Before and back tally the same, only different elements plecheymi. On the back are a little bit longer, because by design sarafanchik fastened on the shoulders, so little comes back to the front part. The diagram on the left side shoulder element for the forehand, and on the right side of the backrest element to the shoulder.  Empirically I found that it is necessary to dial 43 loops + 4 loops for lifting. And crochet the basic pattern of five rows.
 Repeat five rows, performing ubavki for armhole (according to the scheme) and the sixth row  Repeat in drawing, without ubavok. For a set of loops and  Repeat  first two rows using smaller hook size, then I move on to a larger size and continue to knit them. It all depends on the density of the set and knitting. You may not be necessary to change the number of hooks.
 With patterns not very coincident. It is not critical. The end result will not disappoint you. You can experiment with the waistline. This description is targeted at what the bodice and skirt are joined at the waist doll. Thus the bodice can be slightly lengthened (one row, no more) or shortened. Or leave as is.  In the first photo you can compare. On the bodice lilac sundress longer than two rows than blue. She crochet similar to the forehand
Hanger on the back also, 8 loops, only one number higher (number 4) and ends in a semicircle of seven columns with two nakida, begins and ends with a semi-circle one air loop.
Folding parts together and stitch the side seams. Tails hide later, as they enable us to determine where I was at the front . While here, maybe it does not matter. 
 Tails hiding. I leave them a little longer, since it is more convenient to fill thin thread using a needle. I refuel, and cut off the excess, wrenched. Leaf is ready. For sarafanchik must also skirt. As her associate, I discuss in the second part. Leaf seems incomplete, since it is necessary even to tie the neck and armholes. This, too, will try to write.

See you and good luck in the works!