rose pillow tutorial

Take a square of fabric 36h36, see Finding the middle.Here I taped circle fleece diameter 18 cm, so that the center at nastrochke not stretched. I think we can and stick the whole square fleece.
go to vim tape for the roses. Take organza or crystalline and cuts out on the bias tape width of 9 cm Tying ribbons to each other. As a result, the tape will be very long. It took me 15 meters from one end of the tape do the bevel (as is the ruler in the photo). Handling the small zig - zag om (satin stitch), one edge of the tape.  There fore, the bevel is not done, because finished edge of the interruptions.
then manually turn off the tape a bit into a tube and sew the center. Here you can see how ugly climbs the middle of a rose. That’s because I did not skew (where the line lay).Turn away a tube in the opposite direction and again  at the base, so we did not fail .
Well, after a ribbon around somewhere on the width of the foot. - Is the most difficult task!. See the “heel” at the bottom ride up. When I sewed the first time the tape immediately, without a fleece inside out, I did more (red lines in the photo, “heels”) to close the line of the next round cut edge organza. That may be so, and then I strongly and stretched (has a cone) the middle. Therefore, the second time I did – heel and pulling up.
 I’ve got over tape. Well, you keep  tape to the end. After trying to get at least some of the boundaries of our inscribed circle.
 Here is the underside . We manufacture pillow diameter of 36 cm.
That’s how I connected the tape. But I now think it is better to connect them on the bias (the red line in the photo).source

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