Makes OIL Chamomile .The KNOWN OIL chamomile!!!!

 The OIL chamomile has all the qualities of chamomile and olive oil.
It is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory.
It soothes itching of eczema and acne.
It cleanses the skin and heals chapped hands and feet.
If you are massaged with OIL chamomile treated the leg cramps and neuralgia.
it is healing and cleansing of wounds.
Ideal for the rash of babies.
by massaging the abdomen treated colic and massage chest colds.
all but all you have used it from mum or grandmother prompt.
How to build OIL chamomile home:
Fill the jar almost to the top with fresh chamomile chloro. You add olive oil so as to cover up all the flowers of chamomile.
Well you close the jar and leave in the sun for about 15 days.
Because chamomile are fresh and not dried will collect vapors may accumulate at the jar lid. Once a day wiped the lid.
After passing the time, strain the mixture with the French coffee filter or gauze and clean longer oil you put into a sterilized glass bottle. Keep one time in the shade.