Knitted Crochet Bag

  The model is a hook . More and more fashion hook captures our world. Another masterpiece from the knitting world , this beautiful bag decorated fringe.
   You will need: 250g of yarn (100% cotton, 150 mx 100 g) white; metal chain golden color; lining fabric; dublerin; sintepon; magnetic closure, hook number 4.
Bag consists of three parts: single-piece front, rear panel, bottom and two side panels. In order to meet the bag is not only an aesthetic requirements, but also has the size you want, you need to do before starting the pattern pieces of paper, dock items, and make their own adjustments, if necessary. Then the pattern, it is desirable to identify the location and size of the decorative insert. Start knitting with the implementation of this insert. Why tie S1N strictly on the pattern piece, tie it around the perimeter as follows: 1st p .: MS1N 1 "kulechek" *. 2nd p .: * 1 S1N, 1 VP *. 3rd p .: RLS, 4th p .: * 1 "kulechek" 1S1N *.
To form the corners follow 3-5 bars of one column of the previous row. Ready to finished parts and fix on the pattern. Dovyazhite remainder of the single piece. Connect the finished parts the front stitching. At the side edges make tying sc, then, "kulechkami". Then tie the side panels of the bag. Connect the parts together using strapping RLS. Pattern the side panels of the bag tassels. The bottom of the upper edge of the front fringe Apply for: chain of the EP with the knobs on the end. Dr.-full decor brushes. Sew the handles - Metal chains, fixing them on the outer contour of the side panels and bottoms and leaving loose pieces of required length for the handles. Complement the decor of volumetric applique flower related scheme 9. Sew 2 chain with knobs at the ends in the middle of a flower. The size of the bag and sew the lining cutting, strengthening its Dublerin. Ready to sew the lining of the bag. Sew the magnetic clasp.
Fashion Magazine № 566 2013 ... source 

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