All know that the years go by and reflected in our face. What you may not know, is that apart from expensive commercial creams, you can help your skin to fight anti-aging, making a simple treatment with a miraculous aromatic cinnamon oil.
How to make cinnamon oil:
Fill a glass jar 100 ml with cinnamon sticks. Cover the rods to the top with olive oil. Put the jar and leave in the sun for three weeks. 
The cinnamon will release the active ingredients of the olive oil and so will have a miraculous oil easily and economically. 
No need to remove the cinnamon sticks from bottle. While staying in as your oil will become stronger. 
How to apply:
Every two days, apply an amount of oil on the face and neck, creating a thin layer and by focusing on the areas that wrinkles and expression lines. It would prefer to do the treatment at night. Note: Before use cinnamon oil diluted with another oil such as corn oil, sesame oil, baby oil, that we quantities 5 drops cinnamon oil with 7 tablespoons of another oil.Do not use those who are allergic to cinnamon.  source