What does it mean to knit in pattern and how to read circuit

 Let us consider in detail how to connect a pattern under the scheme . This tutorial will hopefully help novice knitters. Here we look at a simple chart patterns to knit by schemes and what it means "to back stitches rows knit in pattern" ...We begin with the scheme:
knitting diagrams are read from the bottom up, facial rows are designated odd numbers and read from right to left. Odd rows (if they are present in the circuit) are read from left to right. In our scheme not listed purl rows (if they are, are written from left to even numbers 2,4,6, etc), so we back stitches rows knit in pattern loop.The selected area in the diagram indicates a pattern rapport (it can be repeated numerous number of times). Loops is a repeat (the beginning and end of the series) are knitted by the scheme.
In our scheme rapport in width and 12 loops after rapport has 5 loops rapport in height is 16 rows.
Getting the first step is to collect the sample loop and decide how many repeats in width we knit. (For example, if we want to link 6 rapport or then you need to dial 12 * 6 = 72 loops 5 loops after rapport + 2 edge, a total of 79 loops). We certainly do not knit much will sample, Nader 1 rapport loops 12 5 2 19 = edge loops
scored, and now look at the chart and knit 1 front row: start with an edge, always remove it at the beginning of the series  and then under the scheme:
Here's what happened:
This is due to the first row, according to the scheme: 1 aft 1 forth 1aft , 1 persons 1aft, 7 facial and loops after rapport-1 PHI, 1forth 1 PHI, 1forth 1aft, bead front, turn over our sample on the wrong side:
in the scheme says that knitting is necessary for the drawing, that were binding, as we can see: 1 loop (an edge), remove not project, then 1  forth, 1 aft, 1 forth 1 aft 1  forth, 7 backs titches, 1 forth 1 aft, 1  forth, aft 1, 1  forth1 bead front.
Here's what happened:
This is due to us, the back row (number 2 in the scheme is not specified, we knit it in drawing)
Overturn and knit row at number 3 on the front of the scheme:
Overturn on the wrong side:
it as we see: facial facial, purl purl,.
We turn to the right side and knit etc. scheme:
That we have connected 5 front row.
Overturn the inside out:
Here purl row as a drawing (do not miss the front in the middle, it we formed, as in the previous series, we personal, according to the scheme of knitting purl it now knit it as we see, ie the front.
As a result, we get a series of related 6:
Overturn and knit according to the scheme 7, the front row (do not forget the edge, they are not part of the scheme) .Here's what happened: This is related to 7 the front row.
Here we have added two new kinds of loops (in the red circle to the 2 purl together, in a green -nakid.
We turn inside out and see:
That's on the wrong side look  and purl 2 together. Knit row as usual in drawing, knit purl, and red circles in our sight. personal number associated purl 2 together, then we need to knit her face.
Look what happened:
Here is our related 8 a back row.
Overturn and knit 9 front row under the scheme and look what happened:
So here again we  and purl 2 together, not bad.
Overturn the inside out:
Well, everything is clearly visible, knit facial facial, seamy purl, purl and see the result:
Here we have associated the 10th, the back row.
Overturn and knit 11 front row under the scheme and see the result:
That number 11 is ready and has already drawn pattern.
Overturn knit and purl rows following a drawing, facial scheme, I will show only the photos 15 and 16, since everything else is similar . Related 15 Front row:

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