The idea of ​​decorating flower pots

 This idea of decorating flower pots may be interested in all the gardeners and flower lovers. Plastic pots, and ceramic too, with time covered by obscure spots darken, crack, word lose its good looks. Especially if the planters do not stand on the windowsill, and periodically submitted to the balcony, in the garden or on the terrace. Of course nothing prevents us not to get rid of old pots and transplanted in the spring flowers in your new purchased … but much more interesting to discover their talents and use the old stuff from the wardrobe) look like?

To work, we need:
plastic flower pots
bucket or bowl for mixing the solution
spatula to mix the solution
old rags (sweaters, T-shirts, tights and so on)
protective gloves
acrylic paint or paint – spray
Getting Started. Flower pots are washed free of dirt and dust. Fabric tear or cut into strips. Dilute the solution in a pot of cement, according to instructions. Soak a cloth in the solution of our
And now we can show off their creative flair, imagination. Cloth can make folds, creases, drape on the pot, and so on as you like
Having dealt with fantasizing and mockery of the pot, give it two or three days for drying
Now you can paint the pots with acrylic paint or spray paint

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