Tatting the two strands

You will need two cording of the same thickness and contrasting colors. One color will be the base. Will be used to start, stop and pull in the middle wheels. Second color, in addition to decorative function will also replace purl connecting with each successive circles.
We begin, as with the classic little circle, starting from the pond and a few bars. In our case, two. Then we make another thread. We do one bar, and the beginning of the thread leave slack. After finishing knitting you can hide it, or use it to connect.
In this example, the yarn core (dark green) is always above, and further below. Therefore, taking the post of the thread dark green thread always run over bright.
A performing post additional thread (clear) run it under the thread base. To all looked good and nicely kept, puffing post from the dark thread, we try to make "caught" back light post. After the desired amount of alternating bars, we make two pillars of the thread base.
Thread ending circle ALWAYS used to drag crochet within the needlework. We use dark thread base to complete circles and do mesh chain between successive circles. Thread course, additional freely hanging on the perimeter of circles.
We start another circle the two pillars of the thread base, then we post the thread notes. This maneuver automatically creates a connection between the circles. It is not necessary purl .Next we proceed to the first a circle.