Larksfoot Crochet Stitch Tutorial

 If you’ve got the skills to double crochet and chain, you’re golden! Grab your favorite yarn and hook and let’s get after it.For your foundation chain in increments of 4 +1.
In the fourth chain from the hook, double crochet once and then again in the next stitch. Chain once and skip the next stitch (will make the gaps seen above). Double crochet 3 times in the next three stitches. Continue down the line.For the second row, you want it to look exactly the same as the previous row. So chain 3 and turn your work. Double crochet in the next 2 stitches skip the stitch after and chain once. Continue the double crochets in sets of three with a chain and missed stitch in between the groups.
Start with a new color and chain 4. This will act as your first double crochet and your first chain. Skip the next stitch and double crochet after the skipped stitch.Now you’re going to do the deep stitch that makes this pattern so pretty. Double crochet through the gap, shimmy your yarn up even with the second row and complete the stitch as usual.
Double crochet right next door and chain once and you’ve finished your first set of three.Continue your groups of three down to the end, finishing with a space and one last double crochet.
Chain 4 and turn your work. Skip the next stitch and start your groups of 3. Remember that you’re just mirroring the pattern from the row below.Change colors and chain 3. The very next stitch you do will be in the first gap from the third row, your deep double crochet. Double crochet again in the next stitch chain once and continue to the end. Then chain 3, turn your work and mimic pattern of the row before.
To continue you’ll keep on doing rows 3-6 until you’re done! Or, if it makes it easier, you’ll repeat the gold and coral “rows”. And if you prefer videos, here you go!

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