crochet stitch

Crochet tatting gets very similar to the needle. If the needle is not foreign to you, you can skip most of this chapter: o) To finish the work, as in any variation tatting, you need a blunt needle. Also useful scissors: o)
The following illustrations show you the individual, the basic elements of needlework:
It should start from the standard crochet knot ... Binding consists of two loops:
Binding  consists of two loops:
First we put gaining from the left side of the thread on the finger.
The second loop we put gaining thread from the right.
That's the whole bond frivolity plus knot start.
To purl stitch created, hold the fingers of his right hand crochet hook so that it imposed another bond formed at a distance from the last bond.I recommend to do at least two bonds on the Friday before them will slide together.
After getting the right amount of time to create a bond with them circle.
Bond should be as free to move around the hook, but not too loose.
Turn the knitting so that the hook was on the same side as the back tatting. Impose thread Crochet, leaving at the same loop.Slides to the end of knitting crochet so that the thread is not imposed falling.
While holding the bottom of the fingers of his right hand we take off the knitting with crochet.Imposed thread should be easy to get to drag through the center.
We put the end of the crochet for the remainder of the left side of the loop. Drag we loop to the right.
We pull the thread from the ball of the back to the left. We impose thread on crochet hook and drag the two loops located on the hook. Ready circle.
 In frivolity crochet no traditional Lucknow. We in this place crochet chain. Then you can go to work strict eyes or other stitch crochet. But more about that later.
How to join another circle, I show below: Sandwiched Crochet front of the purl previous circles.
We impose thread on crochet hook and drag it through the purl . Add the rest of the bonds according to the formula and finish circle as before.
Two examples of finishing chain loop close.Stay tuned for an article on the use of traditional crochet stitches. As eyes close, bars and other. For my taste the same chain also looks good. source