Turn Old Decorations Into a New Ornament

Final result
Old Christmas ornament - PVA glue - Rice - Spray paint - Glitter
Acrylic Sealant  For this project I used some old Christmas baubles and rice.
Cover the area with PVA glue (I used PVA as it is thicker than Mod Podge and thought would stick the rice on better, but you can use the Mod Podge too)
Sprinkle the rice all over the bauble and let it dry.
When the glue has dried, put a layer of PVA on top, don't worry about it dripping, just put something underneath (I used clingfilm)
One it is dry, it is iridescent, then choose the colour you like - our tree is red and gold so I went for gold.
Spray paint it gold and sprinkle some gold glitter on, then seal with clear acrylic seal
Add a ribbon and the new ornament is done.This looks like a totally new ornament
Beautiful texture  Beautiful sparkle! Hope you enjoyed this transformation
Turn Old Decorations Into a New Ornament by Evija

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