Make Beautiful Silver Containers

Final result -Supplies
Glass container - Gravel - Tile adhesive and grout.Spray paint. Get a glass container you would like to use, clean it and dry it.
I used simple gravel I had on the drive for this project
Pick up the stones and spray paint them in the color of your choice (you can actually leave this as the last step if you plan to spray paint the whole container in the end so that you can't see the grout).
Put a generous layer of grout on.-Stick the stones on.
When the whole area is covered let it dry and repeat the steps on all 4 walls. When it is dry, simply spray paint the whole are (if you do not want the white grout to be seen).
And this is the finished result.
Beautiful hand made plant pot and candle holder.You can use any color spray paint you wish.
Silver looks beautiful and this candle holder is very unique.
Make Beautiful Silver Containers by Evija

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