Learn to Knit Original Necklaces

Final result - Supplies
thick wool 100g...Imagine you can create your own fashion accessories. What do you think of this necklace?
To start, 5 points, knitting chain.
Pass the thread through the needle 2 times.
Insert the needle into the first chain we did at the beginning then do a double crochet without closing the end.
So we stay in the first (double crochet), repeat until you have five (double braces) without closing.
We have five double braces on the needle. Close all together.
So we have our first woven ball.
Knit 4 chains to air loop.
Repeat five (double braces), close all the twigs together.
Continue weaving the same way until you reach 3 meters long. Close the knitting with the other end.
Tie the ends together and wrap it around or wear it long, We have our beautiful necklace!
What do you think about it? If you like, I would love to hear your comments ...
Learn to Knit Original Necklaces by Hand work DIY

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