Flower Motif on Flower Loom

Final result - Supplies
Yarn -Flower loom - Needle - Hook - Scissors - Tubule
Prepare all materials that you need for making the flower motif on flower loom.
The hook is threaded into a tube that to thread the yarn.
At the end of the thread make a knot. Fix the knot on the side of the machine.
Keeping the thread so that the tube was in her hand. We carry the thread down, go around the bottom pin and return the thread to the top.
We move to the top of the pin, which resides on the left of the pin, which began the process.
Again we are conducting thread down. This is repeated in a circle.
It is necessary to make 3 of the series.
Remove the template and insert the tip of the needle thread. Insert the needle into the center of dialed loops.
On the back side of the anchoring thread and started a new thread.
Embroider the middle of a flower.
The flower motif on flower loom is now ready!
Make a Flower Motif on Flower Loom by Liliya

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