Crocheted 3D Butterfly

Final result
Yarn - pink, violet and dark violet - Hook - Scissors
Prepare yarn (pink, violet and dark violet), crochet hook, scissors for making 
3D crocheted butterfly.Make 5 chain (ch), 1 slip stitch (sl st) in the first ch.
Make 3 ch, 1 double crochet (dc), 2 ch, (2 dc, 2 ch)*7, 1 sl st in 3rd ch.
Make 1 sl st in 2 chain space (ch sp), 3 ch, 2 dc, 3 ch, 3 dc in the first 2 
ch sp, and 3 dc, 3 ch, 3 dc in each 2 ch sp, 1 sl st in 3rd ch.
Change color of yarn (pink). In 3 ch sp make 1 sl st, 3 ch, 5 dc, 1 ch, 6 dc, 1 single crochet (sc) in space between 3rd and 4th dc from previous row, in each 3 ch sp make 6 dc, 1 ch, 6 dc and 1 sc in space betwee 3rd and 4th dc from previous row. At the end make 1 sl st in 3rd ch.
Change the color of the yarn (dark violet). Make sequence 1 sl st, 1 ch - repeat around.
Fold in half and make 1 row sl st in the middle of the butterfly body.
On the top make *8 ch, 1 sc in second ch from the hook, 1 sl st in each of next ch, 1 sl st in the body butterfly*, repeat **. The crocheted 3D butterfly is now ready!
Make a Crocheted 3D Butterfly
 by Liliya

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