Blanket flowers.

Ch 4 and join with a slip stitch in the first ch. 
Ch 3 (this counts as 1htr and 1tr)
1htr,1ch 11times. Join with a slip stitch into the 2nd of beginning 3 ch.
Fasten off.
You should have 12 little spokes and 12 chain spaces.
Join new yarn directly to any spoke.Tie it on securely.
Ch 1
( I’ve just noticed I need to redo my nails *blush*) . Skip next spoke and slip stitch onto the next one.
Do this all the way around ch1, skip 1 slip stitch.Join to the beginning with a slip stitch.
Do not fasten off.Slip stitch into the 1st 1 ch space.
*Slip stitch into next 1ch space, ch2 2tr ch2 slip stitch* . Do this in each 1ch space around.
Join to beginning with a slip st.6 little petals.
Fasten off.  ROUND 3.
You are going to be working out of the 1ch spaces of round 1. (You will need to bend your petals forwards a bit .)
Join new yarn securely to any 1ch space.Slip stitch and ch2 
now work 2tr. you now need to work a 3ch picot.Start by working 3ch
next you need to slip stitch in to the first ch of this 3 ch.I should look like a little knot.
2tr ch2 slip stitch. All of that is worked in the same 1 ch space. Back view.
*(slip st into next 1ch space. ch2  2tr  (3ch)picot, 2tr, slip stitch).Do this in each 1 ch space around.
Join to the beginning, with a slip stitch.
Fasten off . All done!
Use them for whatever you like!
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