You are going to love this super easy crochet flower headband. It has been used to decorate gifts, market bags, hats, Easter baskets, headbands (obviously), clips, dresses and so much more. Completed, it’s a 4-5 flower in acrylic worsted weight yarn or 3 in cotton or using Caron Simply Soft. In these images, I used Hobby’s Lobby’s
 I Love This Yarn.
I’ve added a picture here of the Cup Holder Liners I made with this pattern. It’s toward the bottom with the link.

I-hook/ 5.5mm
Worsted Weight Yarn (I used Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn)
Stitch Markers
Yarn Needle
ch- chain
dc- double crochet
fpdc- front post double crochet
inc- increase (2dc together – same stitch)
dec- decrease
st- stitch
sts- stitches
xs- times
The Flower:

R1:  ch 4, join into loop, ch 3, dc 11 into loop (12sts) slip stitch joining in new color
R2:  ch 3, dc in loop with starting chain, dc inc in each space around (24sts) slip stitch joining in new color
Work in the space between stitches for this round.
R3:  ch 3, dc inc, dc inc, dc, fpdc in first row, *dc inc in next 3 spaces, dc, fpdc in first row (repeat  to  around), dc in last stitch, slip stitch, fasten off. (42sts)


Make your chain choosing from the desired circumference shown below. Depending one your gauge, you may need to go up or down a hook size. Join into loop making sure it is straight- linked half double crochet (lhdc) around and fasten off /w sl st into first hdc.

ch60 = 18inch
ch55 = 17inch
ch50 = 16inch
ch45 = 15inch
ch40 = 14inch
source - headband

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