I used Red Heart Soft Yarn in colors:
Really Red
For the Bow:

Chain 33.
Turn, single crochet 32.
Ch 1, turn, sc 32.
Repeat 8 more times. Finish off.
Bring the two short sides together. Using a yarn needle, stitch the two short sides together with a piece of coordinating yarn.
Switch colors – I used the white on all the bows to tie them all together but you can do whatever you want! 
Leave a long tail of white yarn – about 9?. Start wrapping the yarn around the center of the bow, pulling in the middle to form that bow look. Keep wrapping until the center is as full as you’d like. Leave another length of yarn about 9? long. Tie the ends in a knot.
Create two small white pom poms, about 1? around. You can use a piece of cardboard, a fork, or a pom pom maker. Use a yarn needle and thread one of the bow ends. Run the thread through the center of the pom pom and pull the pom pom up a little higher than you’d like it to sit. Knot the yarn and trim off the end. Pull the pom pom back down. Repeat for the other tie.
Repeat for as many bows as you’d like!
POM POMS AND BOWS CROCHET GARLAND (Written Pattern) by flamingotoes