They say that knitting, this ancient art, like life: It is a process that I enjoy as you move forward step - step, until you reach the final destination of your trip. So they have classified the most Zen occupations. Besides this there are 10 known and unknown reasons to get needles and wool and to start:

As has been shown, knitting cast their heart rates and breathing, that is like taking relaxation and meditation (with corresponding health benefits).

It is a practical and creative work, since you can make sweaters, socks, scarves and hats, warm and beautiful works of art with your hands.

The joy that gives every stitch, the satisfaction you get when they complete a difficult project and the challenge posed by the next knitting ... Your mission is one of its advantages.

In push to focus on the present by enjoying the "here and now" (the alpha and omega of Zen).

In helping to develop the virtue of patience.

In calms necessarily, since he does not want fidgeting.

It is a project that you can complete whenever you want, without being short of time or requiring any employer for a specified delivery date.

It gives you a chance to rejoice for a while yourself, if you got lost in the various obligations of everyday life. It's your own time - and if you do it with friendly or relatives, is a chance to boost your relationships.

Brings your artistic instincts and trains the brain, since it puts to deal with cash, designs and color combinations.

It makes you realize that, as each stitch is vital and contributes to remain attached throughout the knitted exactly is every man for society. Therefore increases the belief that together we can do it.

Knitting on soft nails

It is no accident that the innovative school Waldorf Schools, supporting the philosophy of Anthroposophy, young children learn to knit before they begin to read.

A spiritual employment

According to the American Bernadette Murphy, author of the book "Zen and the Art of Knitting: Exploring the connections between knitting, spirituality and creativity» (Zen and the Art of Knitting: Exploring the Links Between Knitting, Spirituality, and Creativity), knitting , as it may seem absurd, it is something that brings people into greater harmony with themselves and makes them more spiritual.