Features cabbage:

Features cabbage:
Although not everyone knows, cabbage has wonderful healing features. Look for what you can use it.

For rheumatic pains, washed cabbage leaf, the veins removed, ironed cylinder or a bottle to flatten. This sheet is put in place with pain and covered with linen cloth, reinforcing the bandage. This is repeated three times a day

For sciatica, boiled cabbage leaf and when it is still hot, put in place with pain.

For varicose veins, twice a day made of cabbage leaves on wounds veins extended upward from the feet up.

For burning: cabbage fresh sheets put on instead of burning; the same applies even if the wound bleed, if you have the dry in the body, but also the head will burst with grief.

For bronchitis: 3-4 put cabbage leaves on the chest and back, where pain is greater, reinforced with bandage and kept all night.